Image by Elsa Campbell Photography

Image by Elsa Campbell Photography


Beautiful light, interesting places and unconventional people – these are my everything.

Life: Unmade is my brand; the umbrella that covers everything from my photography
sessions, mentoring program and workshops through to each project I work on. It is everything I believe in, everything I value and everything I want to put out into the world. It encompasses my core values, both personally and professionally: real stories, real people, real moments.

Life: Unmade is the embodiment of wabi sabi: a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. I am on a mission to create images that celebrate the perfectly imperfect. Life: Unmade was created through embracing my own (very!) imperfect story and not just rolling with, but dancing with the punches life had dealt me. A celebration of all that is real, crazy and wonderful in the world. An acceptance that there is no right way to do life.

I jumped head first into full time photography in 2014, mostly out of desperation. After years sitting at a desk in various marketing and admin roles, I took up photography as part hobby/part small business in 2012 before becoming pregnant with my babe. My son was just over a year old and I found myself as a sudden single mother.  I was devastated but determined.  This was not the life I had ordered, but I knew I needed to make this thing work so that I could balance being the Mum my baby needed and providing the life I dreamed for him. I didn't give myself an option to fail.

My family today is the inspiration for everything I make and put out into the world. Aidan, my bearded love, best friend and biggest cheerleader keeps me grounded and sane. The beautiful, gentle and truest love I hoped for every day of my life. I am also damn lucky that I also have Aidan’s two wildlings, Tallulah and Albie, in my life. Finally, my magical little guy, Archie. All of this was, is and always will be for him, my greatest teacher, always my beautiful baby boy.

I strive to create images that are gut-punch-beautiful, rich in connection, soul and truth. When I started out, my images were technically pretty/good/acceptable, but lacked…something. I found that when I embraced imperfection and vulnerability – both in my life and in my work - people responded. Word spread. People were connecting with my story.  That was when I knew that this was the path that I was supposed to be on.  

My clients demand a photography experience that is candid, natural, playful and different. When photographing families and couples, I’m obsessed with creating a visual record of the way they hold and touch each other, the way they lean across and whisper to each other and how they are in that space – in short: how they love each other.

I am a huge believer in the power of sharing knowledge, knowing that the more you put out into the world, the more you get back. Teaching and working with other photographers gives me a buzz like nothing else. This job has taken me all over Australia, to the US and recently to Europe and the UK. It's been an adventure beyond my wildest dreams.

In 2018, I will be travelling to the US to teach at two of the most inspiring photography conferences in the world, Click Away and The Family Narrative.  I will also be launching the Life: Unmade ONLINE WORKSHOP, and working on some collaborations that I can't wait to share more about!

Here's to more crazy adventures, meeting more weird and wonderful humans and creating shit I love and care about.

Smiles, Amy

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