My Family, August 2018 by Posy Quarterman Photography

My Family, August 2018 by Posy Quarterman Photography


Honest and tangled love stories for appreciators of the unconventional.

I woke up this morning and my first thought was, naturally, coffee, then I wondered how long the kids would let me stay in bed before their usual request for a kitchen dance party to The Greatest Showman soundtrack, THEN it was how freaking lucky I am to do what I love as a job and meet all these crazy, weird and wonderful people all over the place and be part of their lives for a few hours. 

I’m obsessed with love.  I LOVE love. Not the fairytale/happy-ending love of Disney, but the everyday, ordinary love.  The kind of love that comes with soft words, belly-laughs and forehead kisses. The kind of love that is sometimes messy and hard. The kind of love that you choose again and again, day after day, despite the rollercoaster of it all.  I call living this kind of love, “Life: Unmade”.

I love people who are willing to let down their walls and ideas around perfection, and just show up, with their unique brand of love, their stories, their inside-jokes and laughter and sometimes even their tears.  I’m good with tears.  I salute the mess of life, the imperfect relationships, the beautifully and superbly chaotic and different. I kiss the toes of those who are brave enough to just be themselves.  I love edgy people who feel like they don’t quite fit the mold, who headbutt against the conventional, who don’t believe in “shoulds” and who make no apologies for doing so. 

I strive to create images that are gut-punch-beautiful, soaked in connection, soul and truth.  That’s everything to me. 

I am drawn to awesome, easy-going people and beautiful, meaningful spaces.  I crave gorgeous light and I live for authentic moments.  I want to photograph the moments that you will look back on and FEEL something.  I want to tell the real story of people just like you. 

My clients demand a photography experience that is natural, playful and completely different from the cheesy, stiff, uncomfortable family photos of the past.  I am obsessed with creating a visual record of the way families hold each other, the way they are in their happy-place; at home.  In short, it’s my job to document how families love each other.

I walk this crazy, brilliant, often messy life surrounded by the coolest, craziest bunch – my bearded love, Aidan, who is my best friend and is responsible for keeping me grounded and sane.  I am also so lucky to have Aidan’s two wild babes, 8-year-old Tallulah and 5-year-old Albie as my step-kids.  And finally, my own magical little guy, my 5-year-old Archie.  All of this was, is and always will be for him.  He’s my greatest teacher and will always be my beautiful baby boy.

I drink a lot of coffee, am addicted to true crime podcasts and I have a special place in my heart for breakfast foods for dinner,

I am a co-creator of The Family Narrative Australia Conference, I run the Life: Unmade E-workshop for photographers, I run Life: Unmade Photography Workshops around the country and the world, and I am an Ambassador for Pic-Time and Atkins Pro.  I am up to date with my immunizations (including the whooping cough booster), I am fully insured and I hold a Working With Children Card.

Not in Melbourne? Not in Australia? Amazing.  I LOVE to travel and often fly all over the world for this crazy job of mine.  No place is too far, so get in touch!!

Let’s tell stories and make something beautiful together.


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