A Cove by the Sea | Maternity Photography Melbourne

Magic, laughter and love.

This beautiful family of three, soon to be four, trekked down (and, later, back up!!) hundreds of steps to our own private little cove by the sea during the last of the evening's light.

On my way home I was listening to a podcast about "entanglement" which began with an experiment where physicists, using lasers, fused two atoms, sitting meters apart, together. Stay with me! The theory being, two atoms that exist in two different spaces, remain completely separate, are also the same atom. Once the two atoms had fused or "entangled", you could send one to the moon, or another galaxy, and they would still always be connected. If you changed one, no matter the distance, the other would change, instantaneously, too. They are one.

Still with me? This family felt like that. Entangled. Individuals, yet connected by something bigger than themselves.

I am so lucky that I get to follow this beautiful family's journey over the next 12 months as they welcome this new little human into their lives.

Amy RushbrookComment