The sun shone but it was a mere 2 degrees celsius outside.  Inside though?  Toasty.  Inviting.  Noisy.  Happy. 

I first met Erin last year at Yeah! Field Trip, held in California, US.  Our bond was immediate and we had such a good time.  I was so humbled when Erin invited me to Chicago to photographer her family when I was back in the US this year for The Family Narrative Retreat (Erin also came to this retreat).

Erin is one of the most genuine, FUNNY, honest and vibrant human beings I have ever met, and it was truly a pleasure to meet her four babes and husband Kenny who, just like Erin, have the same hilarious and warm natures.

Waking up with the Konraths in Chicago was surreal for this little Aussie, and yet it also immediately felt like home.