Archie + Albie | Chalk + Cheese

Ok ok, I know I haven't blogged anything personal in FOREVER and that's because I am absolutely BRILLIANT at making excuses not to photograph anything beyond an iPhone snap.  I feel endlessly guilty about it but it's hard for me to get any motivation to pick up my camera when it's not for work!  I'm working on it. 

Today I was chatting to my dear friend and serious talent Isabel Bowden Photography, and she is the at photographing her own family.  She inspires me!  While chatting to her I said - "I seriously suck at taking personal photos.  I really should.  Right now the light in my room is so pretty, I have the boys home, they're still in their pajamas..... oh OK!"  She said " DOOOO IT, "and I did!

Let me tell you something about these two. My Archie and his Albie.  Our boys.  They are two months apart in age.  They are the little guys in our blended family and they each fight daily for their spot in the pack.  Archie is wild and headstrong, while Albie is quiet and thoughtful.  They butt heads over EVERYTHING.  They dob.  They fight.  They cry and yell A LOT.  But, when one is at their other parent's house, they beg and plead to see each other.  They miss each other.  They really do love each other so much.

I am so glad they will always have each other.  As friends, as foes, and as brothers.