Bubbles, Braids and Curls | Adventures of a Travelling Photographer

Travelling for work fills my cup like nothing else.  Hopping on a plane, staring out at the wing, the rush of take off, the anticipation of landing in a new and different place where adventures await.  Combine that with picking up my camera to create all the things that make me happy and I am one happy photographer.

More interstate sessions, please!

In October I made a whirlwind weekend trip to Sydney, the NSW Central Coast and the Hunter Valley for a string of sessions, all with photographers that I love and admire so much, both personally and professionally.

Natalie is a ridiculously talented and amazing newborn photographer, and I was beyond honoured when she chose me to take her family portraits.  She and her husband Ben wanted the little things in their daily life captured - baking in the kitchen, bath time, Natalie braiding her girls hair, and their togetherness, exactly as they are, right now as a family.

What I didn't know was that Natalie and Ben had a big secret that they would be surprising their girls with during our session.  It was one of the most beautiful, honest and heartfelt moments I have ever documented!

Also, my favourite images that I have EVER taken, like, EVER (EVER EVER EVER) are the last three images in this post.

Enjoy the beautiful, sweet feels of this heart warming family <3

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