Yesterday, Bill Cunningham, famed fashion and street photographer, sadly passed away at the age of 87.  Bill's photographs are iconic and vast, his career spanning more than 40 years.  His love for his art, and for people is something I always deeply resonated with, and I credit his work, along with so many others as a foundation for my passion for photography.  If you look for any image of Bill Cunningham, you will see not only his signature blue jacket and pushbike, but his unmistakable joy while out doing his job.  His smile radiated light and love.

For me, the photographers I am truly inspired by, photograph something that goes way beyond the technical and beautiful.  It is far more than skill they are showcasing.

They LOVE people.  They LOVE love.  They LOVE to create.  They LOVE to dig deep.  They LOVE light.

They allow themselves to be vulnerable, and open and warm.  They show people in every way, that they are loved and beautiful, and in return, their subjects mirror that back to them.  

Last night I got a glimpse of that magic - the connection and warmth that I love so much, and am forever inspired by in others' work.  The world can be full of joy and craziness, darkness and light, ups and downs; and here stood two people, deeply in love, beautifully vulnerable and scattering an immense amount of light out onto the bay as they held each other tenderly, while awaiting their new baby.