Over the past few weeks, I have been teaching students online from the US and here in Australia about all things Lifestyle Photography.  One thing I try to drum home during each and every one of these sessions is that is it SO important to revisit your work and become a better, more honest critique.  Take to it with an open and truthful heart that allows you to see what went right and what went wrong.  Work out what it is about your work that makes up your secret sauce.  What are your patterns, what techniques are you using again and again.  What story are you telling in each frame.  Which moments mattered and made you feel, and what did you do to get it.

In this fast moving industry, you pick up SO much new information constantly, and the growth you can experience in a matter of months is extraordinary if you remain open to learning.

So here is an old session of mine, revisited, reedited, and looked upon with a fresh set of eyes.  The shadows that I once drowned out with highlights give this session a new mood and feel that I am always looking for now.  Depth and emotion and story.

In other news... four more sleeps until I fly to California!  If I sound like a five year old desperate for Santa to come, it's because that's exactly what I feel like.  I've been packed for a month.  I'm ready!

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