Clare and I joke that between us we have one, complete, whole functioning brain.  Just one.

This year, with that one, collective brain, we created a love child in The Lifestyle Collective, and we have big, ambitious, exciting plans ahead of us.  But first, a pause.

Clare, at 34.5 weeks pregnant, last week surprised the entire group of Yan Palmer Alumni (including Yan herself!) at the Byron Bay workshop/retreat.  It was a last minute decision for Clare to travel, and I'm so glad she did.  We have spent hours upon hours this year dreaming, creating, pushing, and sharing and to hang out with her and so many inspiring people was food for my soul.

It also gave me a chance to photograph Clare and her gorgeous belly, which I have been aching to do, basically her whole pregnancy!  There was a pretty pocket of afternoon light in my bedroom, so we took full advantage and had a super quick shoot during a cuppa break.

I'm going to share more from the Byron 2.0 workshop over the next week; my big takeaways, the things that inspired me, the realisations and my plans going forward.  But first, this:  THIS is the kind of work I want to shoot more of going forward.  Finding interesting light.  Telling stories with depth.  Being more intentional with the way I photograph people.  Looking for and using shadows as much as I use light.  Breaking rules and stepping outside of safe.  Creating images that stir and question. 

More to come.

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