Life: Unmade 1:1 Mentoring Session | Considine/Morris Family

It's really humbling and a bit mind-blowing when demand means you have to create a workshop.  For a while now I've had friends and photographers interested in mentoring sessions with me, but I always thought there was no way I could do it because I'm not a teacher and often feel like a complete hack (anyone else?!) so I shelved it for a long time, doing it very informally with friend photographers.  But demand grew, and I finally plucked up the courage to say YES when Kassi, a Melbourne Wedding Photographer from Hello Darling Photography asked if I could mentor her.

I got to work developing a one day workshop which included all the elements I felt were my strong points, that made up what I do and why I do it.  When it came to deconstructing my method of how I work, I was stumped.  How do I explain something I "just do"? I was convinced that Kassi would think that I was crazy and all over the place and how on earth do I make sense of how I work when there really is no sense to it?!

It was a really enriching and enlightening experience writing it all down and realising that there is a method to my chaos and that it really does make sense after all! 

It wasn't just the technical stuff - Kassi was all over that anyway.  It was my story, my WHY, and how I use those things to attract my ideal clients and create genuine connections with each and every one of them.

On the day we covered:

- Your story and how to use it as a tool to attract your people and create authentic connections in your work

- Client preparation, portfolio shoots, personal projects and finding inspiration 

- Shot list, session workflow, interaction ideas/games, being flexible and finding light 

This took up the whole morning, and after lunch we headed off for a real live family shoot with previous clients of mine.  We photographed them in their light-filled, beautiful beach house and the results were PERFECTION.  I can't thank this family enough for agreeing to participate!

I also can't thank Kassi enough for trusting me to deliver on the Life: Unmade experience!

I know lots of people have been waiting to see this full session, so here it is!

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