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Sitting here this morning, trying to catch up on a few months worth of blogging.  I'm pouring over this Life: Unmade family session, truly one of my favourites, and I can't find the words to go along with the images.

You see, yesterday, my family and I said a final goodbye to a family friend.  Taken too early.  He was my age.  And I am struggling to comprehend that.  We were not close, however his parents, who are two of my parents closest friends, were as close as you can get to family for me.  It wouldn't feel right to share a post about family without some kind of acknowledgement to them, and to what family means to me.

The love of a parent for their child is all encompassing.  From the minute they are born, this baby is the single most important human on earth.  Every milestone, every accomplishment, every "first" is ground breaking.  Every scratch on their knee is a scratch on your heart. Every win is your win.  Every loss is yours to bear, too.  They fill up such a huge part of our hearts that it becomes impossible to ever imagine a life before them, or without them.

It's so easy to take our joy for granted, isn't it?  Our lives are filled with these tiny, fleeting moments of tangled limbs, full laughs and excited squeals and it becomes our normal.  I think that's why the work that I do is so important, because it's those quick-as-a-flash moments of joy that I seek out and photograph.

For me, this session represents a reminder.  That this joy is real, it's tangible and it's the single most beautiful and important thing we have.  It trumps the hard stuff every time.  They are the memories we go back to and revisit for the rest of our lives.  They are how we remember those that we love. How lucky am I that I get to experience that with so many families, who are so open and willing to share their joy with me?  To remind me that this is what life is all about, and to never, ever take these moments for granted.

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