My head and heart have been swimming since this past weekend where I ran the very first Life: Unmade Workshop for eight beautiful photographers from all around the country.  They arrived with curious minds, open hearts and an enthusiasm that made my nerves dissipate the second the workshop began.

The setting for our weekend was a magnificent, luxurious yet quirky home on the Mornington Peninsula, overlooking Port Phillip Bay.  Full of ever changing light and inspiring little nooks, this place was beyond what I had expected - truly a dreamy space.  When I first walked in with my BFF and pseudo-assistant, Han, we literally jumped around and squealed like crazy people.  We wandered around, picking up and putting down little pots, vases and other intricate pieces, admiring the attention to detail on every single surface of this house.

When the girls started arriving, I was so happy to see them have the same reaction to the house.  It really did set the scene for what was to come.  The food was catered by the insanely talented Merowyn of Plate Got Ate and far out was it good.  I'm lusting after her rice paper rolls, still!

We spent two days sharing, laughing until we were in tears, crying (more tears), asking, digging and discovering.  I opened the workshop with this TED Talk by Lidia Yuknavich on Misfits, and I feel like it gave us all permission to just relax and be our perfectly imperfect selves for the weekend. I'm a true believer that when you allow yourself to be seen, really seen, that's when breakthroughs happen.  That's when the good stuff sinks in.

Over the two days we photographed three families - all over this incredible home, as well as down at the beach, just a short walk away.  They were incredible given they had nine photographers wielding large cameras in their faces, and took it all in their stride, particularly the littlies.  I am so grateful to the Cave's, the Provan/Moody's and the Hampton's for being so inspiring, easy and PHOTOGENIC. Seriously.  You helped to make this weekend such a success and I'm so grateful.

It's a funny thing, teaching.  I feel like I was the one who was learning the entire time.  Learning to listen.  Learning to see and feel.  Learning to dig deeper.  Learning to tap into my own curiosity and ask questions.  Learning to be brave.  In so many ways, these eight gorgeous souls were my teachers this past weekend.  What a gift they have given me as I go forward with confidence into my next workshops and beyond.

The message I took home?  I am exactly where I am meant to be.  Exactly here. 

Thank you so much Kasey, Peta, Madison, Alice, Liane, Karen, Julie and Yvonne for popping my workshop cherry.  This past weekend will remain with me forever.  My cup is overflowing with gratitude for your beautiful, open hearts.

I will be posting the sessions individually over the next couple of days!

I still have a couple of spots open for my Sydney workshop being held in August.  All of the info for that can be found here!