We left the warmth of their grand old home, and we ventured out onto a humble little farm; alive with fruit frees, sunflowers and space to dance. 

This family's joy was palpable.  Little Alice, complete with farm boots and a complete lack of inhibition (exactly as three should be!) meant there was dancing, lollypops, cuddles, running, leaps and laughter.  I got such a sense of what a normal afternoon is like for this family as they eagerly await this new little human, all the while savouring their life together now, just the three of them.

Lifestyle photography is so much more than just taking pretty pictures.  It's about telling a story, capturing real connections and freezing little moments.  But it's also a block of time where you put your phones away, where you become really present and aware of each other, you focus on every little detail around you, and in that space, you create the best kind of memories. 

I cannot wait to spend the next 12 months documenting this beautiful family.