Melbourne Laneway "Just Because" Session | Violeta + David

I must admit, I was thrown when Violeta messaged me saying she loved my work and asked if I would be interested in photographing her and her boyfriend of 10 years, David, just because. I had never done anything like this before, purely through lack of opportunity! She wanted candid, real photos that highlighted who they are as a couple so I knew it was a perfect session for me.  Violeta and David had planned a romantic night away in Melbourne CBD the date of our session, so we decided to head into the laneways for their shoot.  Result: most colourful session ever.

I go into every session and feel people out as I go, assessing their comfort levels and willingness to try my crazy ideas.  After a coffee and a chat, I asked them to cosy up in an alleyway and without even being prompted, David wrapped his arms around Violeta and kissed her as if nobody else was around.  My jaw hit the floor.  It was stunning.  I said to David, "what you just did there, I need you to do that for the rest of our session, ok?!"

He definitely obliged.

It was the most passionate session I've ever photographed, and I was so blown away at how open these two were in sharing their love for each other.  In some of these images I was less than a meter from them, and it was like they were in their own bubble.  Beautiful humans. 

More sessions like this, please!