This family.  

I first photographed them when baby Maggie was born, and I remember this was the session and the family that really kicked off WHO I wanted to work with.  I wanted clients who could be raw and real in their session.  Who felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable in the uncertainty of new parenthood, who didn't feel like they needed to be anything other than themselves.  Since that session, I have strived to build a business around that very idea, and I have.  So as you can imagine, it was such a joy to be welcomed back into their home, two years later, as they welcomed baby Pippa, a little sister for Maggie (and pup McGee).

I've been doing a lot of focused work lately around healing old emotional wounds, understanding my patterns of behaviour, understanding triggers and wanting to just understand more about how I work in order to utilise it to create more meaning in my life and my work.  When I walk into a session like this and really feel the positive energy bouncing around the room and literally WRITTEN on the walls, I know I'm on the right path and working with the people who really live their truth out loud.

It's no surprise that my first session with Bron and Chris resulted in so much clarity around who I wanted to work with, and that this session two years later cemented it.  This family are raw, honest LOVE.  I hope you enjoying scrolling through their story as much as I enjoyed capturing it.  

Here's to living and loving in our truth.

Amy x