Melbourne Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | Messy sheets

The Carraro's came to me via the best kind of referral - Loretta and I shared the same beautiful homebirth midwife, who was with us both through our own beautiful homebirths.   Loretta wanted natural, candid photos, with a focus on the room that sweet Angelica was born in.  We instantly connected from the minute I arrived, and I don't think we stopped talking about birth and babies the entire time I was there! 

We ended up shooting the entire session in the one room with Nonna Angela lovingly looking on.  The light was perfect, for a start, but once I had this family cuddled up together on the bed, there was no way I wanted to move them.  Loretta and Jamie were home, in love, at peace and in awe of what they had created.  I barely had to guide them through our session - the smiles and laughs were real, their connection was palpable and their love so, so sweet.

One of my very favourite lifestyle newborn sessions.