När vi blev fyra | When We Became Four | Stockholm, Sweden

It all began about a year ago.  I was sitting at my desk on a cool Melbourne morning, my first cup of coffee for the day in hand.  I opened my inbox, and clicked through to a new enquiry that had landed overnight.  The first line read, "I've got a crazy idea."

This life never fails to surprise me. No two work days are ever the same when you're a photographer and run your own show.  Some days you're glued to your computer, lovingly editing client sessions. Others, you're getting off a plane in Stockholm, Sweden. How did I get here? That was the constant thought running on repeat through my mind the entire 22 hour flight from Melbourne. How on Earth is this a real thing that is happening right now?

Anna's crazy idea lead to me spending two days in the home she shares with her husband Joar, toddler Loki and their new baby Ebbe. I was immersed in the gentle beauty of this family; the way they moved slowly through their days, soaking each other in, touching, kissing, sniffing, and cuddling.  Time seemed to stand still.  Two days documenting this family "becoming four".

The way Swedish parents raise their babies is known around the world as the standard for raising good humans.  Skin to skin, co-sleeping, breast feeding, comforting - these are all norms in Sweden/Scandinavia and it was such a treat to document this family's warm, loving way with each other.

It didn't matter that Loki wasn't well on day one of our shoot.  It didn't matter that Ebbe was a little unsettled.  It didn't even matter that Loki had NO idea what I was saying to him (Swedish kids don't learn English until they are in school).  This family didn't need any direction, they were just naturally SO into each other. So in love. So beautifully close and intimate.  So present.  I photographed them throughout their days which included couch naps, TV time, quiet breastfeeds, stories, waking up, the sun going down, and even an outing to the prettiest farm which showcased Sweden's Autumnal goodness.  It was nothing short of a dream.

Whenever I travel internationally for photoshoots, I like to make a little film for the family as a thank you for the opportunity.  You can see this film, as well as the photographs from our two days together below.

I don't ever take it for granted that I am afforded such incredible opportunities like this.  I pinch myself every day, still, that Anna had this crazy idea to fly me to Stockholm and, together with her sweet family, we created something truly special.

It made absolutely no sense to cull this blog post down into just the highlights.  To really get a sense of the love, light and warmth of this incredible session, you need to grab a cuppa and settle in.

Enjoy x

BEST VIEWED IN 1080P. "When We Became Four" a Little Film for the Sandstrom Family, filmed in Stockholm, Sweden