Mother's Day.  My expectations for the day have never been all that high - being a single parent to a young baby who has no idea what time it is let alone what day it is means holidays just cruise on by.

This year I didn't wake up with my three year old making me breakfast in bed, with flowers and a card, because, well, he was at his Dad's house.  However, my morning was actually beautiful - I woke up next to the man I love, we had coffee, picked up Archie later in the morning and drove to my parent's house for breakfast.

There was no great fuss, and the normality and comfort of being with my favourite people eating pancakes trumped everything.

I was presented a gift sent home from Archie's daycare teacher; it was a jar with love notes.  Quotes from the mouth of my babe.  They read:

"I love Mummy because... I make her presents."
"I love Mummy because... I really miss her."
"I love Mummy because... Her goes 'blah' and pulls funny faces and makes me laugh."
"I love Mummy because... She cuddles me lots."

Life doesn't get better than this, I always think.  And then it does.  When he was six months old, I didn't think I could love him anymore. And each day, I do.

So it seems fitting today as I reflect on motherhood to share this mother/daughter session of my beautiful friend Kate and her sweet girl Poppy.  I photographed their morning; their play, their routine, their love.  I remember what it was like to have a six month old.  I remember how awesomely portable they are (right??!) and how you are just their very favourite person on earth.  I think to myself as I look at these, one day she will be three and writing her Mumma love notes and making her appreciate the beautiful normality of the simple things.  Life doesn't get better.  And then it does.