I am lucky to so often photograph the journey into parenthood when clients book in for maternity and newborn sessions.  It's truly my favourite thing, with a special place in my heart for first time parents like Sarah and Rabb.  The anticipation, the preparation and the total uncertainty about what lies ahead.  There's a unique kind of calm that comes with photographing a maternity session with two people about to become three. There isn't a toddler running the show.  There isn't yet a baby to focus love and attention on.  There's just two loved-up people, right on the cusp of the biggest transformation of their lives, and it's so, SO beautiful to document. 

The best part?  Coming back to photograph them once their baby is here, and witnessing that all encompassing love they never could have imagined before. 

But, what makes this particular series of sessions SO special, is that I was also invited to photograph the caesarean birth of Sarah and Rabb's sweet baby boy and it was truly one of the most wonderful photography experiences of my life.  While I have photographed many births in the past, this was my first time documenting a caesarean and it couldn't have been more wonderful.  The doctors, nurses and staff were so welcoming and accommodating, allowing me to document every special moment for my incredible clients.  It was so powerful and I cried my way through, feeling so utterly privileged to be allowed into that space.

There is so much love, care, warmth and joy in this series of photographs. 

I want to thank Sarah and Rabb for inviting me into their home, and into their birth suite, to document this incredible time in their lives, and for allowing me to share Rafael's gorgeous story with you all.