I always feel guilty when I come back to my blog after a long stretch of not writing.  Like I'm going to get in trouble from Mum, or something.

So yes, I've been super behind on the blogging front but that's because I have had the most insanely wonderful few months of newborn, family and wedding stories to immerse myself in, and document.  

For me, it's been quite the juxtaposition.  While the world feels crazier and scarier by the day, people just keep showing up with all their truth and beauty and I am reminded that there is still so much good in the world.  There seems to be this whole extra layer of shared vulnerability, and people are so willingly and beautifully opening up and sharing their love for each other.  It comes with such ease.    

For these days I am grateful, because it motivates me to do more.  It feels like through creating photographs for the purpose of simply just capturing love, I can remind people that at a time of such uncertainty in the world, love wins, always.