The Craig Family | Melbourne Family Photographer

Life is better with cuddles.

This family.  These sweet little boys.  Their love.  Their playfulness. 

What a treat it was to immerse myself in this beautiful families love bubble for a couple of hours in their beautiful Melbourne home.  It was tangled, honest, and FUNNN.  So much fun!  

My favourite part?  At the end of our session (and also at the end of this post) these sweet boys wanted to show me their most favourite possessions.  They weren't toys or even books.  They were photographs.  Photographs of those they love most in the world.  They were worn, creased and tattered at the edges.  I'm told they go EVERYWHERE with these two - to bed, to daycare, even in the bath.

It fills me with so much happiness that the photos we created on this day will be so loved and cherished in the same way.  This is why I love my job so much!

Thank you, Craig family, for reminding me that it's the simple things that matter.