Let's talk about FOOD!

When I began organising my workshop, I knew straight away that not only was a beautiful, inviting and homely space important, but so was the food.  Probably even MORE important.  I was listening to a podcast by The Unmistakable Creative recently about using food as a tool for building community.  It made this point: if you are invited into someone's home and you're not offered food or drink, you know something is probably up.  Equally, if you go into a business meeting and there's no refreshments, you know it's likely going to be in and out and ALL business. Right?!

Food brings people together and it has been doing so since the beginning of time.  It is a tool that invites people to gather, share and commune.  Sharing a meal is enriching, intimate and an intrinsic part of our humanity.  It's one of the basic needs we have as humans, and as a result, it's become a sacred ritual within our families and friendship groups.

I knew when it came to organising the food for my workshop, I needed something more than a caterer who would heat up party pies and sausage rolls.  I needed someone who was going to make our food with not only heart and soul, but with their own stamp as a fellow creative.

Enter Merowyn and her love-child-boutique-catering-company, Plate Got Ate.

I've followed Merowyn on Instagram for YEARS.  Seriously, go check out her IG feed and you'll see why.  Merowyn is so much more than a chef.  She's a food designer.  A talented, heart-centered maker of the most beautiful creations I've seen.  I knew I needed her to provide her talents for my workshop.  I knew the heart she puts into her food was so in line with the mood I wanted to set for my workshop.

Boy oh boy did she DELIVER.  Over two days Merowyn came to our beach home and set up each of the meals and platters for us.  It was everything I imagined and more.

I asked Merowyn if she would bring her family on the second day of our workshop and model for us, and my goodness you should have seen the emoji's in that conversation!!  I knew they would be beautiful.  I knew they would love big.  But never did I expect Merowyn to look at her Hamish, and cry from the joy of loving him and what they have created together.  Never did I expect such free-flowing love and joy with so many photographers photographing them at once.  It was the perfect end to my workshop.

Merowyn, thank you for your talents.  Thank you for sharing your Hamish, Orlando and Benita with us.  You are one of the most beautiful human's I've met!