The Henri's - A Little Film Preview

A few years ago, an image I posted from a birth I had photographed caught Sandra's eye while scrolling on Facebook, and she HAD to message me.  She felt something in that image, and it was uncanny the way she described what she felt and that it was so aligned with how I experienced that moment.  In an instant we connected.  It wasn't long before we became friends, but it was something more than that - we connected on a soul level. Over the years we have travelled a scarily similar path - the breakdown of our relationships at the same time, the journey of healing, single parenting, owning and running our own photography businesses, learning to be more self aware, open-minded, spiritual and trying to find sense and meaning in the world.  Despite being in separate states we have held each others hands, cried our way through the crazy, celebrated the beautiful and laughed the entire time.

When Sandra asked if I would make a Little Film for her and her boys, celebrating them just as they are, right now in this moment in time, I just knew it was going to be nothing short of special.  This is only a tiny, tiny taste of what we captured over two days.

I am grateful to know Sandra and to be able to call her my friend and my soul sister.

A little preview from a close, cuddly, warm evening at the beach with my beautiful friend Sandra and her sweet boys.

Amy RushbrookComment