Even though it happens somewhere in the world, every moment of the day and night, I am still in awe when a baby is born.  Particularly when I photograph my client's maternity sessions, and then a few weeks later I meet their new babies. 

Bellies vacant but arms full.

Three weeks before this session, I spent the afternoon with Steph, Leigh and three year old Alice. Part I of that session can be found here, and Part II can be found here.

At our first session, the excitement was high, particularly from sweet Alice who played it up for the camera; dancing, cuddling her Mama's belly and playing games with her Daddy.  It's like she knew something big was happening, without fully grasping just how big it would be, and how her world as she knew it was about to explode.

And explode it did.  Meet baby Max.

Let's be honest.  Being three is HARD, man.  And being three while welcoming this strange little baby into your house and taking over your life is HARD.  While Alice certainly didn't hide this fact, she mostly showed the utmost care, attention and affection for her new baby brother.  A rollercoaster of emotions in the space of two hours.  I love him!  Don't look at me.  There's his toes!  No. No. No. 

I love that in this set of images, we get to see both.  I love that we get to see what it looks like, and the shift in dynamics when a family transforms from three to four.

Then there's Steph and Leigh.  The way this man looks at this woman is achingly beautiful, and I'm so grateful they let me in to this side of them.  The warmth, the care and the love.

I love this family.  I love the honesty to these images.  I love how relaxed everyone was with me photographing them, allowing me to really see them and document their story. 

Amy RushbrookComment