Welcoming Poppy | Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Melbourne

Poppy is magic.  Poppy's Mum, Kate, is magic.  Kate and her love, Simon, are magic. Their first baby, Banjo, is magic.

Kate and I have been friends for a few years, meeting as birth photographers before birth photography was really a thing.  We worked together with a handful of talented photographers to set up a network, celebrating this incredible genre of photography and getting the word out to the masses. 

We became fast friends, bonding over lattes in Melbourne's best coffee houses, web design, colour, love, babies and bed linen.  I always admired Kate's impeccable style and her knack for design.  Her creativity looks a bit like a burst of rainbows, pouring from the sky in triangles.

I was beyond thrilled when Kate shared her news of being pregnant one morning over coffee.  She was only a tiny bit pregnant at that point, but she radiated with a joy that was palpable.  I couldn't wait to meet this beautiful baby.

I wish I could adequately describe the feeling I got when I walked into this beautiful family's home on this cool September morning.  Poppy pulled me in like a little love magnet, and I said to Kate, "I just feel like she's such a special baby.  I mean, all babies are special, but this one is just SO special."

Sometimes miraculous, extraordinary love makes you wait.  But, she is always worth it. 

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