Welcoming Maggie | Life: Unmade Newborn Session

It happens everyday.  Parents, all over the world, bring new, tiny people home.  There are a million books on what to do, but nothing every truly prepares you for the "constant" of it.  There's so much beauty; the quiet moments at 3am when you watch her drift off to sleep, when you lock eyes and feel like you've known her for a lifetime already, those moments when you catch yourself wondering what life was ever like before her.  There's also overwhelm, exhaustion, tears followed by delirious laughter.  Becoming a parent is the most transformative of human experiences.

I was so grateful to be welcomed to share in this family's beautiful rawness, so open in their vulnerability as new parents.  Their home calm, quiet and full of stories. Their love for each other all encompassing.

Amy Rushbrook4 Comments