I know you.

I know you have a photography business and that you know your camera and gear well, and I know you can take a pretty great photo. I know you’re bursting with ideas and a yearning to create.

I know you feel like you’re ALLLLMOST there.

But I also know that you’re feeling a bit stuck - you're probably feeling like you're walking around this industry blindfolded a lot of the time. Like everyone else knows how it works, but somehow you didn’t get the memo. You're afraid that people won't pay you for your creative ideas, and that you're not getting paid what you think you're worth. Maybe you’re not even sure what you’re worth! You aren't booking your ‘dream’ clients and your work feels a bit "meh" as a result. The thought of working in client homes with unpredictable light – or unpredictable anything -  gives you the shakes.

I know what you want.

You want a business that represents you, that attracts your tribe and that allows you to create the work you want,

And I know how you can get it.

You want a workshop that has useful and meaningful information and exercises that you can apply to your own business straight away.

You want a teacher who is fully invested in seeing you become the best version of yourself as a creative entrepreneur - because that’s exactly what you are.

You want actionable tasks on your work, your website and your business and constructive, proactive feedback.

You want to take your business to the next level because you're the boss - you get to create the business you want. You get to redefine what creative business and style means to you.

I know you. You’re standing right at the edge and I am here to give you the little push to send you in the right direction.

Thank you Amy. Thank you for inspiring me, for being selfless and sharing your priceless knowledge. For creating an atmosphere that was warm, emotional, interesting, fulfilling, honest and real. Thank you for making me laugh. There was something really magical about spending the two days with you and the other gals. I have come away feeling wild and free to create some big changes within my own business. I may have even learned a few truths about myself as I explored the content you offered to us.

I would attend your workshop over and over again.
The venue was divine… such a beautiful space to learn and shoot in. The food was glorious. The company was perfection.

Amy, you showed that in your vulnerability you can achieve so much. I’m truly grateful for your knowledge, for your willingness to share your world with us.
— Kasey Funnell of Kasey Funnell Photography

LIFE: UNMADE - THE workshop details


The workshop will be held in a gorgeous home in the iconic Blue Mountains of New South Wales.  The Blue Mountains is a 1.5 hour drive from Sydney. Car pooling with other attendees is encouraged and can be organised via a Facebook group closer to the time.


7-9 August, 2019

Start time: 4pm on Wednesday 7th August
End Time: 4pm on Friday 9th August


Ideal clients
Branding/Brand Voice
Marketing/Social Media/Website
Client Prep
Portfolio building
Being a Unicorn in a Field of Horses (aka POD 😉)
Setting Goals both in your Biz and Finances
Session/Client Workflow
Tools, Products and Suppliers I love
+ so much more


Your workshop ticket will include the following:

The full Life: Unmade workshop experience delivered over two days
Two nights accommodation
Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea each day
One dinner
(Goooood) Coffee, coffee, coffee (and tea if that’s your thang)
Insightful group discussions
Two live photoshoots
A sample pack thanks to the awesome folks at Atkins Pro Lab

$1500 per person

A $500 deposit is required to secure your seat, with the balance due one month before the workshop.

I feel like storytelling is such a powerful secret. The secret to bring us back to our commonalities - as creatives, as women, as Mothers, as human beings. Thank you, Amy, for holding a space for us all this weekend. Thank you for helping us to tell our stories. Thank you for encouraging us to stand in our truth. Thank you for giving us the best kind of freedom: the freedom to be ourselves.
— Peta Hood - Can't. Stop. Staring. Photography